23 August 2012


Baby showers are a new thing in Australian and while they are growing in popularity they aren't for everyone. A baby shower is amazing for helping a couple prepare for the coming baby but not everyone likes the traditional baby shower gifts particularly before the baby is born happy and healthy. This past weekend rather than a traditional baby shower we had an amazing pre-baby girls afternoon. I love this idea. It was a great chance to get together and probably one of the last chances to get together without a baby around for at least the next few months at least. We ate scones and jam and drank tea at the tea rooms at the QVB in Sydney. It was a great day and I can highly recommend this for those not wanting the tradition baby shower format.

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22 August 2012


I recently discovered the work of Riikka Kantinkoski of RK Design. Her posters and postcards are simple and striking, but what got me hooked is her jewelery. Sold at her online store with past and unique pieces featured on her blog weekday carnival I feel in love with these pieces that would be perfect for everyday wear or the playfully finishing touch to go with your favorite little black dress.

Check out more at Week Day Carnival and shop at RK Design

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21 August 2012


I've been seeing a huge increase of professional themed cakes for kids parties and it makes me a little sad. Not because they don't taste amazing a lot do, and not because they aren't fun because they are. Its just that they aren't the old fashion woman's day birthday cake I grow up with. The women's day cakes were so playful, full of bright colors and covered it delicious candy. They also had a real feel of a mothers love, I think of the hours baking cutting & icing those slightly lopsided treasure chest, who else would do that other than a mother. And it not everyday you get to eat a blue jelly topped cake (the swimming pool cake). What was your favorite Woman's Day cake.

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20 August 2012


My husband left for a 2 week conference in Beijing yesterday so with accommodation paid for and enough frequent flyers points for the flights I'll be joining him next week. He'll be working during the days so I'm free to explore the city on my own. I'm looking forward to a trip to the great wall and hopefully a cooking class. Other than that I don't really know much about Beijing so I'd love to hear suggestions and advice for what to do. Have any of you been to Beijing?

Image by the very talented Tracy Zhang, more great photos on her travel blog Just In Time Travel.

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16 August 2012


Happy weekend everyone. I'm happy to wrap up a busy and productive week and head into the weekend. Its celebrations all round this weekend with a birthday party and baby shower. So a weekend full of food and friends, sounds perfect to me. There may even be a happy Friday celebrations just to ring in the weekend. Fingers crossed I'll have time to enjoy some of the warm winter sun thats been around of late.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!!

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15 August 2012


I have a love of Pinatas. I made one for my husbands 30th birthday and I think they are a great way to get everyone involved and excited at a party. Plus pinatas are good for people of every age. Recently I stumbled onto the work of Aracely of Whack Pinateria, she sells unique, fun pinatas for every occasion. As well as customizing pinatas for your event. My favourite is the milk and cookies. Check out her work online and buy one of these fun designs on Etsy.

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I love books, I have an overflowing bookcase and boxes of books in my garage. I also love to share books, I know that's not normally what people would say but when I find a book I love I want everyone to read it. So bookplates are a must, it makes it easier for people to remember they need to give the book back plus they look cool. So I've created book plates and just like my books I'd like to shares. Please download and pop the in your books.


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14 August 2012


Today I wanted to share with you a nautical-themed a save the date that I designed.  I'm a huge fan of save the date cards but realize that not everyone has the budget for an additional printed and posted invite. This save the date went out over email to the majority of guests, with a number of older guests receiving it by post. It saves a lot of money while still getting the word out about the wedding in time for people to book flights and accommodation.

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12 August 2012


You spend time picking the invite that will set the scene for your wedding, you carefully plan the invite wording to respect your family and illustrate your love and joy, you put in the time gathering addresses. After all of this effort, it would really be a shame to spoil it all by addressing the invites incorrectly... There is something so annoying about receiving poorly addressed mail - for example when my name is listed merely as a Mrs. next to my husband's full name. Seriously - I may be married, but I am still a separate person with my own name!

There are a few etiquette rules that you should keep in mind when addressing your invites (or any mail for that matter). Firstly, make sure that you know peoples name, the correct spelling, their preferred title i.e. Mrs., Ms., Dr. (they have worked hard for that 'Dr.', so you should use it!) etc. Don't assume a married woman has taken her husband's name - take the time to find out. Now for the nitty gritty.

For couples that don't share the last name (married or unmarried):

Ms. Jane Smith
Mr. Jo Jones


Mrs. Jane Smith-Jones
Mr. Jo Jones

Or if you're looking for something less formal:

Jane Smith
Jo Jones

The rules: her name goes 1st, and all invitees should be listed. It's a technicality, but if a married woman doesn't take her husband's surname she is actually a 'Ms.'. However, if she chooses to call herself a Mrs. please respect that. Names are ideally on separate lines but when space is an issue they can appear on the same line.   

For couples that share that share the same last name:

Mr. and Mrs. Smith


Mr. and Mrs. Jo and Jane Smith

If your looking for something less formal:

Jo and Jane Smith

The rules, his name goes 1st, all invitees should be listed (including children). If she has taken her husband's name she is a 'Mrs.'. However if she chooses to call herself a Ms. please respect that. 

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10 August 2012


Years ago I bought a huge patterned printing block. I didn't have an intended use when I bought it, I just loved the design and was sure that at some point I'd think of some way to use it. I believe it was originally designed for creating a patterned trim on walls and who knows maybe I'll use it like one day. But for the moment I've been playing around with printing for invites. I love the idea that the prints aren't perfect and that each invite would be slightly different.

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08 August 2012


I've been doing a lot of planning lately and I'm even more in love with Pinterest than ever. It's the mostly handy tool! I have a trip coming up for a wedding and my husband's work conference so I've been pinning things to see and what to pack for the perfect outfits. Like the ancient pool of Pamukkale, Turkey and the perfect black dress and cons for exploring a new city.

Image pinned from Life According to Celia, The Coastal Theory, Remain Simple

Plus the forgotten corner of my house. I now have heaps of ideas on how I can make it work. We plan to DIY a metal and wooden table, and sew some fun cushions, and add a little colour.

Check out my Pinterest page for heaps more ideas.

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When you ask people how they want to celebrate their marriage a lot will tell you on the dance floor surrounded my their nearest and dearest at their wedding reception. But how do you get a bunch of people from different generations and with different music taste on the dance floor. Having cool friends and family that love to dance is a start but sometime they need a helping hand. Personally I love what one of my friends did by asking people for a song request on the RSVP card. It can be added to any card and will give you a play list guaranteed to get them on the dance floor. Then you can make a play list or give your DJ a list of song to play that will be guaranteed to get everyone in the mood.

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07 August 2012


Week nights meals are always a bit of a rush but that doesn't mean they shouldn't taste amazing. I keep a file of quick meals as well as meals that I can cheat to make quick. Like spaghetti with broad bean and mint sauce, bacon, peas and pine nuts by Katie Quin Davies from What Katie Ate I skip the fresh pasta on a week night and go for a full flavor spelt pasta. Its so delicious, of course he fresh pasta make it even better but I save that for when I have a bit more time.

This photo is of my attempt the next one is Katie photo. She is an amazing food photograph with great recipes. I'm really looking forward to seeing her cook book when it comes out later this year.

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06 August 2012


We've lived in our house for two and a half years and I've still got one big empty wall in our bedroom. Don't get me wrong I've had heaps of ideas and found a number of pieces that would finish the room perfectly but.... There has always been something, maybe it was too expensive or impossible to find in Australia or just too time consuming and hard. Yeah I love a bit of craft and going that extra mile for a party but I have my limits too. But with art, images, prints and photos piling up and no other place for them its decided, it needs to be a gallery wall.

So I'm currently looking for inspiration and advise. These are a few of the images I have collected so far. Have any of you created a gallery wall? Do you have any advise?

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01 August 2012


I'm snowed under with work at the moment so I'm taking the rest of the week of blogging to give myself a chance to catch up. But I'll be back again next week with lots of ideas and fun. Until than I'll leave you with this dream dress.

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