23 April 2012


Once you've finished baking the cake, its time to do the decorating. One of the quickest and easiest ways to have a bit of fun when you decorate your cake is to make mini bunting. Its a fun way to decorate your cake for a party, and its so low budget. Its easy - all you need are 2 wooden skewers, the paper of your choice, some thin ribbon, glue and scissors.

1st fold the paper over to a 2cm height. Then cut triangles out of the paper so you end up with a diamond folded in half.

Then put some glue on the inside of the folded diamonds, and start folding the diamonds over the ribbon to form the triangular flags.

Once you've folded all your diamonds over the ribbon and have your desired length of bunting secure the ends the skewers.

Then you're done! 

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